Awards, Titles and Special Mentions                                                                                                                    

I am Widad, a humanitarian activist and a filmmaker, and I have chosen the tool of films to relay my beliefs and concerns in society. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, I started working on several international and local film sets as a designer, which led to me earning a scholarship diploma in filmmaking.

Ever since I graduated, I have made films about Jordan and children in it from orphans to refugees, in addition to unfairly detained women and more. 

“ID: 000”, a short documentary I directed, is an award winning film, it talks about graduated orphans in Jordan and how the abuse they faced is still affecting their lives today. The film made a significant impact on Jordanian orphan-related regulations and helped improve their social status.

“The Last Passenger” was another documentary I made, it exposed the truth behind escaped Syrian refugees from Al Zaatari camp in the north of Jordan. This documentary challenged the way the general masses view Syrian refugees, and made a definitive change to their lives.

After 4 years of research, I was able to depict one of the topics closest to my heart. “If You Meant to Kill Me”, my first feature documentary, addresses the controversial topic of women who voluntarily turn themselves into prison, often for their protection once faced with threats of murder on count of honour. A documentary, I believe, is also bound to make a change.

Recently released, is my second feature length documentary, "17", a film about the U-17 female football players, who competed in the first ever World Cup to be held in the region. 

Winner of Best Documentary


Franco Arab Film Festival


Jordanian Representative

64th Cannes Film Festival


Arab Youth Forum "Change Maker"
Karama Human Rights Film Festival

Honorary Speaker 

Rotary Club of Amman Cosmopolitan


Public Speaker on Advocacy
New Think Theatre 
National schools
2011 - 2013 

Granted the Annual Human Rights Fund

'Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands'


Human Rights Advocate

Voice Project - ARDD Legal Aid


European Union

EUVP Fellow


Producers Guild of Ameria

Diversity Master Workshop Fellow